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About Us is one of the largest conference call service providers in Canada and is known for it's easy to use conference call service. When we launched our goal was to create the easiest conference call service possible. Since 2008, thousands of companies and organizations in Canada and abroad used our easy and cheap conference call service. is a brand of Tulp Solutions B.V. and has local presence in multiple countries. If you have any queries, suggestions or compliments, please give us a call or use the contact form below.

How do we make money?

With thousands of users signing up every month we regularly get questioned on how we make money.


In European countries participants pay a small fee per minute (ie. UK participants pay 5¢) to their local phone provider when they use our service. In Canada this business model does not work out because 1-900 numbers are too expensive to use.


Therefor we rather provide our service for free and make money if you invite international participants or share our service to colleagues/relatives in Europe ;)

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- It's free to sign up with our conference call service.
- You don't pay any fees to set up a conference call.
- 646-663-6070 is charged as a long distance call for Canadian participants.
- How we make money? Read this section.